Rough Surfaces on Pool

OHS Residents, concern has been expressed about abrasions or cuts on feet from the bottom of the pool. At this time, no foreign object such as glass has been found by Olympic pool company or residents. Possibilities discussed include a rough edge or area, but this also has not been located. It is also possible that a combination of semi-abrasive surfaces are causing gradual abrasions on toes, etc. which then begin bleeding, but not due to a one time puncture, etc. For the time being, it may be beneficial to check kids’ feet after swimming for 15 or 20 minutes to make sure they are still okay. If your child experiences this, please do your best to ask them if they know where it happened and email the board of directors to let us know. We are sorry this has occurred!! Thank you for keeping us informed.

On a different note, we have had a few complaints about chairs being thrown in the pool, the hose tied from ladder to ladder, trash left lying around, food thrown in the pool, etc. Due to the frequency of these concerns, conversation is beginning to occur regarding the need for a possible pool attendant. The obvious hitch here is the cost. Please… talk with all members of your family who use the pool about leaving it in equal or better condition than found so OHS can continue to spend money from dues on upkeep and updates, such as our pond aerators which are in working order as of yesterday. Thank you to all of you who are contributing to the improvement and success of OHS as a thriving neighborhood and the place to buy a house in an increasingly developing area of Lee’s Summit.

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