Opportunity to Help after House Fire

Hi OHS Residents, this is Andrew Gibb (this login has been used by our board, though it says Escutia). We had a quick meeting today to discuss the many questions and desires to help after an early morning house fire at Jake and Courtney’s residence. I spoke with Jake this afternoon, and he was okay with me sharing information with residents. His spirits were very high and he was grateful his family is safe. Many of you are desiring to help and one of OHS’s residents, Melissa, has volunteered to act as a point person to collect any donations for the family. If you are desiring to make a monetary donation to help, you can go to venmo, then enter Melissa-levin to make a contribution. This is initiated on many of the residents’ behalf and will not be overseen by the OHS board, but we believe this will be a quick resource that can immediately benefit Jake and Christine. Some donations made earlier today have already been given to them! Thank you Melissa for stepping up.

In addition, the following are answers to some of the questions we are aware of at this time that we hope are beneficial. Some are related to this morning’s fire, and others are more general as related to summer.
-Jake and Courtney, along with their children were all able to safely escape the fire. Unfortunately, one of their dogs did not make it. Two firefighters were transferred to the hospital but are both okay and were released earlier today.
-This is the second fire in our area in a week, but the first was in Oak Hill. We are a separate subdivision, so that is the reason you are hearing information on this particular incident.
-I spoke with the fire chief on scene who stated this fire appears to have no ties to the fire last week (paraphrased).
-This may be a great time to talk with your families about fire safety and check smoke detectors.
-As a reminder, fireworks are legal in Lee’s Summit from July 2-July 4. On July 2 and 3, them may be lit from 10:00 am-11:00 pm. On July 4, 10:00 am – midnight. Illegal fireworks include bottle rockets, any other rockets with a stick, missiles with fins or rudders, roman candles, parachutes that suspend illuminated materials, sky lanterns, and those that shoot flaming balls and report. You may see further details on the home page of cityofls.net
-I spoke with the police officer who regularly patrols our area, and he informed me of a great step residents can take to assist with “neighborhood watch.” If you are going to be out of town for any length of time, you may contact Martha at LSPD who runs a Neighborhood House Watch program to let her know of the dates you will be gone. Officers will then routinely check the outside of your home during those dates. Her contact number is 816-969-1770.

OHS is very obviously surrounded by people who are ready to help one another out. All of the directors are humbled and honored to serve.

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