2023 Annual Neighborhood HOA Meeting Notes

We decided to terminate our original contract with Midwest Pool Renovations after they repeatedly could not set a start date and the interest rate increased considerably. We moved back to requoting the work and have selected a new contractor at $60,000 this time. We still plan to complete the repairs before pool season starts. We also discussed ways to increase security at the pool through the night. Last year we had teens vandalize the property and we would like to prevent that sort of behavior moving forward. Adding some cameras and flood lights was suggested, the new board members can implement these changes.

The pond had a major issue last year that forced $15,000 in unforeseen repair costs. This was another reason we decided to hold off on pool repairs last year. It has been repaired and we hope to not have another large expense in the near future.

We discussed ideas for beautifying the front entrance but no solid plans exist at the moment.

Invoices for 2023 Dues will be sent out ASAP. This year there will be a $14 fee for paying with Paypal; no fees for paying by check.

We will be quoting our lawn maintenance to new contractors this year. Some of the trees in the greenspace, adjacent to the pool, will need to be removed as they are dead or dying.

The board selected new volunteers for all positions:

Aaron Koeller – President

Gabe Dollins – Vice President

Azsure Alderson – Treasurer

Annie Hogan – Secretary

Aly Martin – Member at Large